Revolutionize Your Gaming Experience with PS5’s Horizontal Design: Here’s All You Need to Know!

Are you a proud owner of a brand new PlayStation 5? Congratulations! It’s time to dive into the world of immersive gaming and high-quality entertainment. But before you start your gaming journey, there’s one accessory that you don’t want to miss- the PS5 horizontal stand. You may be wondering, “Why do I need a stand for my PS5?” Well, for starters, the stand provides stability to your console and prevents it from wobbling.

Without a stand, your console may fall or get damaged, which is the last thing you want after investing in an expensive gaming system. Another reason to get a PS5 horizontal stand is to enhance the overall performance of your console. The vertical stand is designed to improve air ventilation, which helps prevent overheating and reduces the risk of damaging your console.

A well-ventilated console also ensures smoother and faster gameplay. Moreover, the horizontal stand can save you some desk space and give your gaming setup a neat and organized look. It’s a simple yet effective accessory that can enhance your gaming experience and protect your investment.

In conclusion, a PS5 horizontal stand is an essential accessory for any PS5 owner. It provides stability, enhances performance, and improves the overall appearance of your gaming system. So, don’t wait any longer, get a PS5 horizontal stand today and enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest!


Playing games on the PS5 in a horizontal position can have several benefits. For starters, it can reduce the stress on the console’s internal components, prolonging its lifespan. Not only that, but it also allows for better airflow, keeping the console cooler than if it were in a vertical position.

This can prevent overheating, which in turn can prevent damage to the components and potentially save you from costly repairs. Additionally, playing in a horizontal position can also make it easier to access the console’s ports, making it more convenient to plug in accessories or charge controllers. So, whether you prefer playing in a vertical or horizontal position, it’s always good to know the potential benefits of each option.

And if you do decide to opt for a horizontal position, remember to make sure you have enough space to accommodate the wider footprint of the console.

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ps5 horizontal

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One of the standout features of the PS5 is its ability to be placed horizontally, making it a versatile addition to any entertainment setup. With its sleek design and equally impressive performance capabilities, the PS5 offers the option to not only stand upright on its own but also be positioned horizontally, allowing for more placement freedom in any home. This feature not only makes the PS5 an aesthetically pleasing addition to a room, but it also allows for better airflow, ensuring the console stays cool even during extended gaming sessions.

Whether placed on a shelf or under a TV, the PS5’s horizontal orientation ensures compatibility and accessibility for all of your gaming needs.

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Top PS5 Horizontal Stands

If you’re looking for a stylish and practical way to store your new PS5, then a good horizontal stand is a must-have accessory. Not only can a stand help to keep your console stable and prevent it from tipping over, but it can also provide extra storage and cooling capabilities. But how do you choose the right one? Well, there are a few key factors to consider, such as the material, design, and additional features.

When it comes to PS5 horizontal stands, some of the top options on the market today include the OIVO PS5/PS5 Digital Edition Stand, the Kootek PS5 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan and Dual Controller Charger, and the Linkstyle PS5 Horizontal Stand with Dual Controller Charger. Each of these stands offers excellent stability, storage, and cooling, making them the perfect choice for any avid gamer looking to protect and enhance their PS5 experience.

Product A: [Name and Features]

Looking for the best PS5 horizontal stands on the market? Look no further than Product A! With its sturdy build and sleek, minimalist design, this stand is the perfect addition to any PS5 setup. It’s made from high-quality materials that ensure it can support your console without wobbling or tipping over. The stand also features built-in vents to help keep your console cool during extended gaming sessions.

Plus, it’s easy to install and doesn’t require any extra tools or complicated setup. So why settle for a mediocre PS5 stand when you can have the best with Product A? Improve your gaming experience and keep your console safe and secure with this top-notch horizontal stand.

Product B: [Name and Features]

If you’re a PS5 owner, you know how important it is to keep your console cool and organized. That’s where a good horizontal stand comes in handy, and we’ve rounded up the top PS5 horizontal stands for you to choose from. Our top pick is the OIVO PS5/PS5 Digital Edition Stand, which not only acts as a cooling system but also features two controller charging docks and three USB ports for easy access to all your peripherals.

Plus, it’s made of durable materials and fits the PS5 perfectly. Another great option is the Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan, which features two fans to keep your console from overheating and includes a dual controller charging dock. Its sleek design fits nicely with the PS5’s aesthetic and adds a touch of style to your gaming setup.

Other honorable mentions include the AMEOY PS5 Stand with Dual Controller Charging Dock and the Linkstyle Cooling Fan for PS5 with Controller Charger, both of which offer cooling systems and charging docks at an affordable price point. No matter which option you choose, these PS5 horizontal stands will keep your console running smoothly and your gaming area looking neat and organized.

Product C: [Name and Features]

If you’re in need of a PS5 horizontal stand, we’ve rounded up the top options on the market to help you make your decision. One standout product is [Name and Features], which offers a sleek and sturdy design that can hold your PS5 securely while also providing extra USB ports for charging your controllers or other devices. With a horizontal stand like this, you can easily position your PS5 on its side to save space and improve ventilation, which can help prevent overheating and prolong the lifespan of your console.

Plus, it can add a stylish touch to your gaming setup. So if you’re looking for a reliable and convenient way to store your PS5 horizontally, [Name and Features] is a top choice to consider.


In conclusion, the PS5 horizontal stance is more than just a way to place your gaming console. It’s a statement, a bold expression of your gamer identity. By laying it flat, you’re saying “I’m serious about my gaming, I value stability and performance”.

Gone are the days of wobbly towers, the PS5 proudly sits flat on its sleek edges, ready for action. So go ahead, take a stance, take a seat and let your PS5 roar horizontally for all to see.”


What is the width of the PS5 console when placed horizontally?
The PS5 console’s width when placed horizontally is approximately 390mm.

Can the PS5 be positioned horizontally without a stand?
Yes, the PS5 can be placed horizontally without a stand. However, it is recommended to use the stand that comes with the console to ensure better stability.

Are there any specific requirements for the surface on which the PS5 is placed horizontally?
The surface on which the PS5 is placed horizontally should be sturdy and level, and should not obstruct any of the console’s air vents.

How does the PS5’s performance compare when placed horizontally vs vertically?
There is no difference in performance between the PS5 when placed horizontally versus vertically. It is up to the user’s preference and space limitations.