Boost Your Blade and Soul Gaming Experience with A Simple SSD Set Up: Here’s How!

Are you an avid gamer who spends hours on Blade and Soul? Do you want a faster and smoother gaming experience? Look no further because setting Blade and Soul to SSD can be a game-changer! Solid State Drives (SSDs) are a more advanced storage option compared to traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). These high-performance drives use flash technology instead of spinning disks to access data quickly. They are more durable, consume less power, and offer faster read and write speeds.

In other words, with an SSD, your Blades and Soul game will load faster, and you can easily switch between scenes. If you’ve been experiencing long load times leading to lost PvP battles or annoyingly slow loading times for environment switches, SSD is the solution that will solve all these issues. By upgrading to SSDs, you will notice a significant difference in your overall gaming experience.

The loading times will speed up, and you’ll have the time to explore more possibilities without any hassle. An SSD upgrade is one of the most valuable upgrades experienced gamers should embrace. If your Blade and Soul experience is important to you, switching to SSD will undoubtedly be a significant game-changer.

Start the process by getting an SSD and following the necessary steps to install it on your device, and you’ll be off to a better, faster, and more efficient gaming experience.

Check SSD Capacity

If you’re an avid Blade and Soul player, then you know that having a solid state drive (SSD) can make all the difference in improving game performance. Switching your game files to an SSD can result in faster load times and less lag during gameplay. However, before you make the switch, it’s important to check your SSD capacity to make sure you have enough space to accommodate the game files.

Blade and Soul requires at least 100 GB of storage space, so it’s recommended to have an SSD with a capacity of 240 GB or higher to ensure smooth gameplay. You can check your SSD capacity by going to the “This PC” option on your file explorer and right-clicking on your SSD drive to see its properties. If your SSD doesn’t have enough space, consider purchasing a higher capacity drive or freeing up space by deleting unused files or transferring them to an external hard drive.

By taking these steps, you’ll be able to set Blade and Soul to your SSD and enjoy improved gameplay performance.

Look at the Drive’s Available Free Space

When checking the available free space on your drive, it’s essential to take a closer look at your SSD capacity. This type of storage device is becoming more popular due to its fast read and write speeds, making it ideal for running applications and storing large files. However, SSDs have a limited capacity compared to traditional hard drives, and you’ll want to make sure you have enough space for your needs.

An easy way to check your SSD capacity is to open the File Explorer, find your drive, and right-click on it. Select Properties, and you’ll see a breakdown of the size and free space available on your SSD. If you’re running out of space, consider deleting unnecessary files or upgrading to a larger SSD.

Keeping an eye on your SSD capacity can help keep your computer running smoothly and prevent any performance issues.

blade and soul how to set to ssd

Clone Game Data to the SSD

Blade and Soul is an action-packed online game that requires high-speed data access, which can be achieved by setting the game data to your SSD. Here’s how you can clone your Blade and Soul data to your SSD. Firstly, create a backup folder for your game data in a different location.

This is necessary in case anything goes wrong during the cloning process. Next, install a disk cloning software and select your SSD as the target drive. Choose the option to clone the entire disk rather than just the partitions.

Once the software has finished cloning, you’ll need to change your game settings to the new SSD location. Open your Blade and Soul settings and select the “Game” tab. Choose the “Browse” button and locate the new SSD location of your game data backup folder.

This will set your game data to the new SSD location. Now, you can enjoy better load times and smoother gameplay in Blade and Soul. So, did you know about this easy trick to enhance your gaming experience? Give it a try!

Use a Third-Party SSD Cloning Software

If you’re looking for a fast and efficient way to clone game data to your SSD, then using third-party SSD cloning software is a great option to consider. With this method, you can easily transfer all of your game files, settings, and preferences from your old hard drive to your new SSD without having to go through the hassle of manually copying and pasting each individual file. There are a variety of third-party cloning software options available, such as EaseUS Todo Backup, MiniTool Partition Wizard, and Acronis True Image, each with its own unique features and benefits.

By using one of these programs, you can ensure that your game data is transferred quickly and accurately, so you can get back to playing your favorite games in no time. So don’t waste any more time and start cloning your game data to your SSD using third-party software today!

Choose the Source and Target Disks for Cloning

When it comes to cloning game data to a new SSD, it’s important to choose the right source and target disks. The source disk is where your game is currently installed, while the target disk is the new SSD where you want to clone the data. When selecting the source and target disks, make sure you have enough space on the new SSD to accommodate all the game data.

You’ll also want to ensure the new SSD is compatible with your computer. Check the interface type and size of your existing hard drive to make sure the new SSD will fit properly. Once you have your source and target disks selected, you can begin the cloning process.

Cloning your game data to a new SSD is a great way to improve your gaming experience. With faster load times and smoother performance, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games. Just make sure to choose your source and target disks carefully to ensure a successful cloning process.

Clone Data From HDD to SSD

If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming PC, it’s crucial to clone your game data to the SSD. It not only ensures faster loading times but also maximizes the overall performance of your computer. The process of cloning data from your HDD to SSD might seem overwhelming, but it’s reasonably straightforward.

Firstly, you need to connect the SSD to your computer and ensure it’s detected in the BIOS. Then, download a reliable cloning tool and follow the instructions to clone the game data. Before starting, ensure that your SSD has enough storage space to store the game data.

Additionally, make sure that the game data is closed and not running in the background during the cloning process. Once you’ve transferred the data, disconnect your HDD, and enjoy the faster gaming experience. Overall, cloning game data to the SSD is a crucial step that can make a notable difference in the performance of your PC.

Change the Game Directory to SSD

If you’re an avid Blade and Soul player and you want to maximize your gaming experience, one way to improve your game’s performance is to change the game directory to your SSD. Although this might seem like a daunting task, it’s quite easy to do. First, locate your Blade and Soul directory on your computer.

Then, create a new directory on your SSD and copy the entire Blade and Soul directory over to it. Once you’ve done this, change the directory’s path in the game client. This not only improves game performance but also speeds up loading times, allowing you to jump back into the game faster.

With this simple adjustment, you’ll be able to take your gaming experience to the next level and enjoy all the action-packed goodness that Blade and Soul has to offer. So, why not give it a try?

Open Blade and Soul Client

If you’re a Blade and Soul player looking for ways to improve your game performance, one of the best things you can do is change your game directory to your SSD. The open Blade and Soul client is notorious for its slow loading times, which can be frustrating and make it difficult to enjoy the game to its fullest. Fortunately, by moving your game files to your SSD, you can significantly improve your loading times and cut down on the time you spend waiting for the game to load.

Plus, with faster load times, you’ll be able to get back into the action quicker and enjoy a smoother, more seamless gameplay experience. So if you haven’t already, consider switching your Blade and Soul game directory to your SSD and see the difference it can make!

Go to the Game Settings tab

Changing the location of your game files to an SSD can significantly improve your gaming experience and reduce lag. To make this change, first, go to the Game Settings tab. Then, find the option to change the Game Directory and select your SSD.

This will ensure that your game files are stored on the faster and more reliable drive. With quicker access to your game files, you can enjoy faster load times, smoother gameplay, and reduced instances of stuttering or freezing. Make sure to close the game before changing the directory and ensure that you have enough space on your SSD to accommodate the files.

Upgrading to an SSD for your games is a simple and effective way to enhance your gaming experience, and changing the directory is just a few clicks away. So, why not give it a try and see the difference for yourself?

Select ‘Browse’ next to the ‘Installation Folder’

If you’re someone who likes to play games on your PC, then you know how much of a difference it can make to have your games installed on an SSD. The speed and performance boost that you get from an SSD is phenomenal, and it can really improve your gaming experience. So, if you want to change the game directory to your SSD, all you have to do is select ‘Browse’ next to the ‘Installation Folder’ when installing your game.

Once you’ve selected ‘Browse’, navigate to your SSD, and choose a folder where you want to install your game. It’s important to note that you should choose a folder that is not only on your SSD but also has enough space to accommodate the game’s file size. Once you’ve selected the folder, simply click ‘OK’, and your game will be installed on your SSD.

By changing the game directory to your SSD, you can significantly reduce load times and improve the overall performance of your game. It’s a simple and effective way to optimize your gaming experience and ensure that you get the most out of your PC. So, if you haven’t already done so, consider changing your game directory to your SSD today and take your gaming to the next level!

Choose the Destination Folder in the SSD

Changing the game directory to SSD is a great way to improve your gaming experience. Not only will your games launch faster, but you’ll also benefit from improved loading times and reduced lag during gameplay. To change the destination folder in the SSD, simply follow these easy steps.

First, navigate to the settings menu in your game launcher or platform. Next, look for an option labeled “game installation directory” or something similar. Here, you’ll be able to select a new location for your game files.

Choose the SSD as your new destination folder, and you’re all set! It’s important to note that moving game files can take some time, especially if you’re dealing with large files. So, be patient and allow the process to complete before launching your games. With a little bit of effort, you can enjoy a smoother, faster gaming experience on your SSD.

Reboot and Launch Blade and Soul

If you’re a fan of Blade and Soul and you want to improve your gaming experience, one way to do so is by installing the game on your SSD. Doing this will greatly reduce loading times, and give you an overall smoother experience. Setting up Blade and Soul on an SSD is a relatively simple process that starts with ensuring your SSD has enough space to accommodate the game’s files.

Once you’ve confirmed that, simply locate the game’s installation folder and move it to your SSD. After that, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the game’s launcher, so it knows where to find the game files. Finally, reboot your computer, launch the game and enjoy the faster loading times and smoother gameplay.

Overall, setting Blade and Soul to an SSD is a great way to give yourself an edge over other players, and it will make your gaming experience much more enjoyable. So give it a try and see the difference it makes!


In conclusion, moving Blade and Soul to an SSD can greatly enhance the speed and stability of your gaming experience. It’s like giving your computer a shot of adrenaline – suddenly everything runs smoother and faster. So don’t let slow load times and laggy gameplay hold you back – set your sights on an SSD and take your gaming to the next level.

After all, a good gamer knows the value of a well-oiled machine.”


1. How does moving Blade and Soul to an SSD improve performance? – Answer: By transferring the game files from a slower hard drive to a faster SSD, the game can load and run more quickly, resulting in smoother gameplay and reduced lag. 2. Can Blade and Soul be played without being installed on an SSD? – Answer: Yes, Blade and Soul can be played on a hard drive, but players may experience longer loading times and more lag than if the game were installed on an SSD. 3. What is the process for moving Blade and Soul to an SSD? – Answer: First, make sure to have enough space on the SSD for the game files. Then, copy the Blade and Soul game files from the original installation directory on the hard drive to a new directory on the SSD, and change the game’s installation location in the game launcher settings to the new directory. 4. Does installing Blade and Soul on an SSD affect other games or programs on the computer? – Answer: No, installing Blade and Soul on an SSD will not affect other games or programs on the computer. Each program is installed in its own directory and does not interfere with others.